Evergreen Massage for Women

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New Protocol and Policy

* If you or anybody in your household is symptomatic, please reschedule your appointment with no-charge.

* We will not have a waiting area. Clients are required to wait outside or in their vehicles until their therapist is ready to take them to a treatment room. Please text (503-477-2107)  to let us know you have arrived.

* You will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the building.

What We Are Doing To Keep You Safe

* The therapist is fully vaccinated with booster shot and will be wearing a face mask at all times. 

* Taking extra precautions and sanitize everything in the session room between clients

* All clients will be required to wear their own face masks during the sessions and at all times in the building

* Equipped HEPA air Purifier in the treatment room, and new air filter has been installed in May 2021 in the building.

* There will be 1 hour gap between clients so that windows can be opened to refresh the air in the treatment room

* No more than three clients are scheduled each day

* Clients screening with asking questions 

* Cancellation fee is waved anytime with Covid-19 related cases