Massage Treatments for Women

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Evergreen Signature Massage for Women:

Stressed? Have knots that never seem to go away? With the use of firm but gentle pressure along with organic massage lotion and hot towels, this specially tailored treatment promotes relaxation, helps reducing muscle and joint pains, and enhances over all women's well-being

60 min $65

75 min $80

90 min $95 

Evergreen Signature Aromatherapy Massage for Women:

Massage with essential oils, added to the massage oil or lotion. Your therapist will choose different essential oils according to your condition. Aromatherapy Massage is perfect for reducing stress and improving emotionally-related conditions.We uses Young Living Essential Oils which contain no synthetic oils and no added chemicals.

60 min $70

75 min $85

90 min $100

Evergreen Signature Reiki for Women:

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy. It is a gentle method of hands -on healing that taps into the energy. Reiki addresses energy imbalances to support good health and well-being. We combine Reiki with aromatherapy to enhance the effect of Reiki.

60 min $65

Evergreen Signature Reflexology for Women:‚Äč

Combination of reflexology (application of appropriate pressure to reflex points and areas on the feet that to be believed to correspond to different body organs and systems), Reiki (a gentle method of hands -on healing that taps into the energy), and aromatherapy.

60 min $65